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2010-06-09 06:35:11 by turboNuke

We released a new game this week, rather imagininatively called Soccer Balls. The game is obviously based on the flaming zombooka engine but Longanimals improved the level editor as part of the revamp.

This time we added passing, switches, timed switches, moving platforms and linekd objects. Its a much more puzzly game than zombooka was. It was also decided to do a football based game as we hope there would be a lot of interest in football games with the world cup taking place soon. We didnt want to make one which only appealed to football fans though so its a more casual football game that your average football game based around penalty taking and the actual sport.

Oh and I wish we didnt called it Soccer but its less confusing for the american audience.



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2010-06-09 07:11:17

I really don't know how soccer is the best sport in the world?


2010-06-19 21:13:53

great game man i really enjoyed this. Thanks!