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Harry Quantum

Posted by turboNuke - August 23rd, 2010

Harry Quantum PI: TV Go Home is the first of a series of point and click adventure games that we will be producing over the next year, we already have Harry Quantum: Unmasked and Harry Quantum: Cheese Carnival designs in the works.

This one is Harry's first outing and the story is basically Harry gets a job from a TV show producer to recover his 4 favourite TV shows, Graeme the robot is Harry's trusty (rusty) sidekick and he comes up with a plan for harry to burrow a UFO to go into space to get the broadcasts back, from there it all goes a bit weird !

We've always been fans of the old Lucas Arts Monkey Island series of games, Day of the Tentacle, Maniac Mansion etc. Those were really great games for the time but the genre kind of died off, you never see point and click adventures on consoles these days, its an idea sort of game for flash though but the format of the originals is just a bit too heavy for today's audiences.

Monkey Island for instance although being great featured a load of just walking around from one location to another and tonnes and tonnes of vocab, you only have to play the latest iphone rehash to realise its just so sluggish. The whole design on Harry is based around 15-30 minutes gameplay and something to do on every screen as well as a few mini games, you just dont really want to spend anytime passive in flash games, it just doesnt work.

Hope you enjoy playing it, the game can be found here.

Harry Quantum

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